Contrary to popular belief, Cardale Jones is all about going to class

Cardale Jones Leads OSU in Win over Virginia Tech
Cardale Jones Leads OSU in Win over Virginia Tech


Even before Cardale Jones was leading the Ohio State Buckeyes to victories, the quarterback was grabbing headlines -- just not necessarily for the brightest reasons.

You'll remember his tweet from October 2012, when a younger Cardale just couldn't wrap his mind around why college athletes needed to attend classes. He was so confused, he let his followers know exactly how perturbed he was -- with a little help from caps lock.

This got Jones and the general public's relationship off to somewhat of a rocky start. But the tweet does a good job at depicting why exactly we love Cardale: The man tweets about what's on his mind, just like you and me.

His Twitter account is great, and you should check that out. But while you're there, you'll find something rather interesting.

Cardale gets real excited about the whole class thing!

It all started over the summer, when Jones declared he'd successfully wrapped up his summer classes, and that it was "all ball" -- but only until the fall semester began.

On the field, things apparently went well enough for Jones to earn the starting job over J.T. Barrett. But as of late, he's pretty passionate about the classroom, too!

That was, "Ahhhhhh," with seven (7) Hs.

In all seriousness, this does a good job of depicting just how grueling a college football player's schedule can be. A full slate of classes five days a week, on top of practices, film sessions, work out sessions and game preparation can't be easy for anybody -- let alone players who are 18 through 22.

It makes Cardale's obsession with sleeping that much more understandable. Hey, he's earned a few naps after his brief but impressive Ohio State career.

And just to be crystal clear: Jones has apologized for the 2012 tweet, and seems fully cognizant of his responsibilities as a Buckeye. Given his recent success, it seems like he's got things figured out.

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