Blood test could reveal biological age

Blood Test Reveals Biological Age

A test has been developed that claims to determine a person's biological age which is considered a reflection of internal health better than chronological age.

According to research from the U.K., a blood test can be done to assess the condition of 150 genes that are integral to the function of the brain, muscles, and blood in 65-year olds who are aging relatively well.

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The lead author states, "Our discovery provides the first robust molecular 'signature' of biological age in humans and should be able to transform the way that 'age' is used to make medical decisions."

About seven years ago, the team began their research by studying 54,000 genetic markers until determining the 150 that are integral to life span and brain health.

While biological age does not seem to be a strong measure of lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes and heart problems, it appears to be better geared toward early indications of conditions like Alzheimer's and dementia.

Scientists believe this research could help to identify people susceptible to these diseases for clinical trials as well as change organ donation and cancer screening guidelines.

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