After 4 years in space, whiskey comes back to Earth and gets tasted

Experiment Confirms Whiskey Aged in Space Tastes Different
Experiment Confirms Whiskey Aged in Space Tastes Different

Space is no doubt one of the most unique aging environments for whiskey, which intrigued the drink connoisseurs by spending 4 years on board of the International Space Station in orbit around our planet. The idea behind the quirky location was to find out whether microgravity affects the maturation process of the whiskey, and experts had the chance to get their hands on the vials to review and analyze the outcome of the experiment.

Some of the meticulous analysis involves the use of chromatography, gas and liquid testing to compare the product with whiskey aged on Earth and determine the differences. According to the director of distilling at Ardbeg, the company who sent the whiskey on its trip to space, the differences were astonishing and the liquid had flavors that he never encountered before.

Here is a session where he discusses the experiment:

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