8 reasons why Pink is the fiercest female pop star in the biz

Top 10 Pink Songs
Top 10 Pink Songs

Over the last decade or so, Pink has become one of the most progressive, daring, and timeless female singers in the world. From her bold attitude to her height-defying, gripping performances, Pink has gone where many musicians have never dared.

Here are a couple reasons why we love Pink so much and why she's the fiercest.

1. First of all, the "Raise Your Glass" music video:

2. She's vocal about important causes.

3. Because she's so brash and unapologetic.

4. Because look at her.

P!nk- Denver
P!nk- Denver

5. She's never afraid to share her opinion on controversial topics.

6. This interview with BBC when we learned just how amazing she truly is.

7. This mesmerizing performance of "Try" at the 56th annual Grammy Awards.

8. Her acceptance speech for the Human Rights Campaign "Ally for Equality" award.

And we're not the only ones who love Pink so much.

You're welcome, girl.

Click through for photos of Pink:

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