3-year-old boy has adorable interaction with Texas cops


When 3-year-old Grant Bennett saw four police officers outside a Chili's in Alvin, Texas on Saturday, he waved at them in excitement. The little boy loves his toy police cruiser and fire truck, so he was very excited to see the uniformed troopers in action.

Rather than simply waving back, the four troopers walked over to Grant and started playing with him on the sidewalk. Grant showed them his mini toy cruiser that he kept in a "briefcase."

Samantha Bennett, Grant's mother, wrote in a Facebook post that the officers even gave Grant a tour of "their real police car." She wrote:

"They asked him to say hello over the speaker, and instead he said 'I love you.'"

The little boy was clearly overjoyed and full of love for these kind police officers who went out of their way to put a smile on his face. Samantha wrote to them via Facebook:

"All my little man was hoping for was a hello when he waved to you, and you went above and beyond and made his night amazing."

Samantha's Facebook post has been shared more than 14,000 times. After recent deaths of law enforcement members, The Bennetts' story adds to the growing support community members are showing for their local officers.

Watch this video to see other police officer acts of kindness that have gone viral:

Police Officer's Act of Kindness Going Viral
Police Officer's Act of Kindness Going Viral

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