5 unusual uses for aluminum foil that will completely blow your mind

5 Foil Hacks To Wrap Your Head Around
5 Foil Hacks To Wrap Your Head Around

While many of us traditionally use aluminum foil solely for cooking purposes, we fail to understand how many other ways we can take advantage of this silver tool. While it may be common to take a strip of foil, spray a little pam on it and toss it in the oven with meat and veggies on top -- have you ever thought about using it to clean your pots or as a dryer sheet? Probably not, right?

Well, we're here to tell you the many versatile ways you can use aluminum foil in your everyday life that will completely change your life. Take a listen and prepare to be mind blown!

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1) Polish your silver

Aluminum foil makes for an awesome "sponge" when it comes to cleaning silverware. Click the link above for how to do it.

2) In your dryer

Balling up a bit of aluminum foil and tossing it in with your clean clothes will make for static-free apparel.

3) Under your ironing board

This is particularly good with pants and sleeves due to ironing both sides at once.

4) Sharpen scissors

You'll be shocked how easy it is to sharpen a pair of dull scissors with foil. Click the link above to find out what we mean.

5) Protect saplings

Protect saplings from small rodents by wrapping the base in foil and you're all set!

For more unusual uses, click through below for versatile ways to use caster oil:

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