Online petition launched to change name of Reagan National Airport

Online Petition Launched To Change Name Of  Reagan National Airport
Online Petition Launched To Change Name Of Reagan National Airport

Name changes are all the rage—at least they're certainly capable of eliciting it.

When President Obama restored Mount McKinley to its original name of Denali, some congressional Republicans cried foul—especially those who share a home state with the Ohio-born former president.

Now, a San Francisco-based cellphone company would like to remind Republicans that they've changed the name of a public space that once honored a former president, too.

CREDO Mobile set up an online petition aimed at Speaker John Boehner, urging him to restore Ronald Reagan National Airport to its original name of Washington National Airport.

Anything less, the petition says, would be inconsistent, since Boehner himself criticized Denali's recent name change.

In 1998, over the protestations of many Democrats and even some Republicans, the GOP-dominated House and Senate controversially voted to rename Washington National Airport in Arlington, Virginia after Ronald Reagan.

Opposition to renaming the airport was fierce, especially from local residents and officials who had to bear the burden of the cost.

Organizers hope to obtain 75,000 signatures before delivering it to Boehner.

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