It's the iPod Nano's anniversary: see its evolution

College Kids Rip a CD to an iPod for the First Time
College Kids Rip a CD to an iPod for the First Time

The iPod Nano hit the stores ten years ago, and became another piece of technology that shaped the world of portable music devices and the way we consume audio. The Nano was one of the many iterations of the iPod, which began making history in October 2001 with its first generation device that let you carry "1,000 songs in your pocket."

See the evolution of Apple products throughout the years in this gallery:

The classic iPod was a white device with click buttons and physical scroll wheel, 10 hours of battery life and five to ten gigabyte of memory. Here is the video of the first ever iPod introduction by the great Steve Jobs:

The first iPod was a hit and Apple came out with the second generation one year after. The new iPod held up to 4,000 songs and was compatible with Windows. Only in 2002 the company sold 600,000 units, which grew to over two millions by the end of 2003, with the launch of the iTunes Music Store.

In 2004 Apple introduced the iPod Mini, available in five colors and with either four or six gigabyte of storage, and the iPod U2 special edition. Always innovating its products, Apple launched the iPod shuffle and the iPod Nano in 2005, as well as the fifth generation of the classic iPod, which played videos too. Here is the epic introduction event for the Nano:

The iPod continued to evolve with the next generations of Shuffle, Nano and Classic in 2006 and the new iPod Touch was introduced in 2007, adding a new member to the family of music players. Each type of iPod continued to exist and grow into a more polished version of its predecessor until the recent years, when Apple seemed to put the device behind the scenes while trying to merge everything into the iPhone, as explained here:

Apple Demotes the iPod
Apple Demotes the iPod

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