Inside Amy Duggar's country chic farm wedding: Full alcohol bar, DJ dance party & more!

Inside Amy Duggar's Farm Wedding: Full Bar, Dance Party, Honeymoon Revealed
Inside Amy Duggar's Farm Wedding: Full Bar, Dance Party, Honeymoon Revealed

Amy Duggar and Dillon King wed outside of a charming barn at Horton Farms in Arkansas on Sunday, and ET has all the details!

About 400 guests gathered in rows of white chairs for the glamorous ceremony, as Amy stunned in a strapless satin ball gown. The beautiful bride wore her brown hair in curls, flowing over her shoulders.

Her father, artist Terry Jordan, played a big part in the wedding. He walked her down the aisle to "I Can't Help Falling in Love With You," passed signs painted with romantic sentiments that he drew for the occasion and also made the earrings that Amy wore for the big day.

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As for her "something blue," Amy, 28, told friends it was simply a discreet drop of blue toenail polish.

Amy's mom, Jim Bob Duggar's older sister Deanna, wore a glittery rose-gold gown, perfect for the mother of the bride, while the six bridesmaids (which included close friends and Amy's now sister-in-law, Loren) donned full-length, rose-gold dresses with jeweled collars.

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A friend of the happy couple officiated the wedding, and spoke about the "roller coaster" of life that the two are likely to face, full of ups and downs, while Amy and Dillon wrote their own vows. The message felt relevant for many in the audience, including Amy's extended family.

Her uncle Jim Bob and aunt Michelle has faced lows lately as revelations of their eldest son Josh Duggar's scandalous secret life has come to light, resulting in the cancellation of the family's popular TLC show, 19 Kids and Counting, which Amy, an aspiring country singer, and Deanna, a songwriter, also appeared on. During the ceremony, Josh's wife Anna – who was with her four children – looked somber.

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After the ceremony, guests walked into the barn for food and dancing, passing through rose and gold streamers Amy hung herself in the two days of preparation before the wedding. Amy's grandmother helped with arrangements of branches, which were turned into sparkling wreaths that decorated the tables and filled vases outside.

Several large chandeliers hung from the high ceiling inside the Horton Farms barn, filling the vast space with a soft glow. Adding to the rustic charm were round tables adorned with candles, lanterns, baby's breath and either navy blue or white tablecloths with gold runners as accents.

At the front of the barn, bridal party members sat at a long table, while the extended Duggar family filled another long table to the side.

"With everything that's gone on, Amy wanted to give them some separation so they'd feel comfortable," a source close to the family tells ET.

Despite the separation, Jim Bob and Michelle were very friendly at the reception, saying hello to everyone and chasing the kids around.

The reception was partly about navigating those waters for Amy, who is a Christian, but is noticeably less conservative than her aunt and uncle. The party had a full bar with alcohol, but also featured a table of fruit-infused waters -- a non-alcoholic option for the Duggar family members who do not drink. Comfort foods such as chicken, green beans and pecan pie were served to adults as dozens of children, including Josh and Anna's four kids, noshed on playful kabobs of powdered-sugar donuts, caramel apple pops and even Pixie Stix.

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Guests watched a photo slideshow of the bride and groom play over a song by Frank Sinatra, and also wrote messages of marital advice on Jenga blocks for the newlyweds, who had hoped to go on a double date with Jim Bob and Michelle. The reality stars have been married for more than 30 years, but after Josh's cheating scandal broke, that double date was scrapped.

"There was just too much going on," a source tells ET.

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