Today in History: First tank produced

'This Day in History': 09/06/1915 - First Tank Produced
'This Day in History': 09/06/1915 - First Tank Produced

On September 6, 1915, the very first tank prototype was assembled in England and called Little Willie. Initially, the tank was far from perfect, as it kept getting its 14 tons stuck in tranches and was able to move at only two miles per hours, but its design greatly improved through time.

See the evolution of tanks in this gallery:

The original idea was suggested by colonel Ernest Swinton and William Hankey, who in 1914 thought an armored vehicle with conveyor belts would provide the British army with a great advantage in war. The two men pitched the project to Winston Churchill, who approved its development and started producing a number of iterations of the new machine.

Only one year after its first debut, Big Willie was ready for a real operation and was employed in the First Battle of the Somme, in France. After that, tanks became a central element of warfare and played a predominant role in World War II.

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