'Jurassic World' roars past $1 billion at overseas box office

The Jurassic Park Franchise's 11 Scariest Moments, Ranked
The Jurassic Park Franchise's 11 Scariest Moments, Ranked

"Jurassic World" continued to put an Indominus Rex-sized footprint on the summer of 2015 and Hollywood's record books, crossing the $1 billion mark at the international box office and leading Universal Pictures to an unprecedented $6 billion in global grosses, the studio announced Sunday.

It's only the fourth film to ever reach this milestone, joining "Avatar" ($2.027 billion), "Titanic" ($1.528 billion) and Universal's own "Furious 7" ($1.162 billion), which crossed $1 billion in April. With estimated grosses of $1.003 billion internationally and $647.5 million in North America, "Jurassic World" is the third-highest-grossing film of all time and the biggest film of 2015 with a worldwide total of $1.651 billion.

Those milestones are just the latest for "Jurassic World," a sequel to Steven Spielberg's 1993 sci-fi classic about genetically modified dinosaurs running amok that has shattered a slew of box-office records, including domestic and international openings and fastest to $1 billion globally. It ranks as the third highest-grossing movie ever, behind only James Cameron's "Avatar" and "Titanic."

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"Jurassic World" has driven Universal to the highest-grossing year in the studio's 103-year history and the best ever by any studio. Notably, it needed just seven months to shatter the record of $5.52 billion in worldwide grosses set by rival 20th Century Fox in December of 2014.

It is one of the three Universal movies to top $1 billion in global grosses this year, with "Furious 7" achieving the feat and Illumination Entertainment's "The Minions' getting there in August. Nearly every film the studio has released has worked, including "Fifty Shades of Gray," "Pitch Perfect 2" and "Straight Outta Compton."

"Jurassic World," which was directed by Colin Trevorrow, starred Chris Pratt and Dallas Bryce Howard and was produced by Frank Marshall, Patrick Crowley and Spielberg and had a $150 million production budget.

Universal has set a sequel for June of 2018. Pratt, Howard and most of the cast will return, but no director has been set. Colin Trevorrow, directed and co-wrote "Jurassic World" with Derek Connolly, and they'll script the sequel, too.

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