Video captures violent altercation between CVS employees and shoplifter

Video Captures Violent Altercation Between CVS Employees and Shoplifter

MANHATTAN, N.Y. (WPIX) -- A CVS Pharmacy customer became concerned after watching two store employees violently tackle a homeless shoplifting suspect.

Carlton Champian recorded the altercation on his cell phone. In the video, two store clerks hold down a homeless man while asking co-workers to call the police.

"They immediately grabbed him by the throat, he tried to flee of course, and every time he would try to leave it would be another man who would grab him slam him on the walls," Champian told PIX 11.

The altercation took place Tuesday inside a West 57th Street CVS, near Columbus Circle.

"It was pretty violent," Champian said. "I was concerned for the employees involved because they can hurt themselves."

CVS's corporate headquarters responded to the video telling PIX 11 in a statement:

"Our security policies and procedures are designed to ensure the safety of our employees. We do not require employees to physically restrain suspects and the incident that occurred at our West 57th store is under review."

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