Today is the 18th anniversary of Mother Teresa's death

Mother Teresa - Mini Biography
Mother Teresa - Mini Biography

Mother Teresa -- a world-renowned nun who was also known as the Saint of the Gutters -- died at age 87 in India. She was known for working with the poor, dying and less fortunate for almost 50 years, and her legacy left a lasting impact in the hearts of many.

In 1979, she was given the Peace Prize for her efforts that brought "hope and dignity to millions of unwanted people." Her response was, "I am unworthy." She went on to say, "The poor people must know that we love them."

By 1996, one year before she died, Mother Teresa had implemented 517 missions in over 100 countries. She is remembered for her unconditional love for mankind as well as her strong ability to not only dream of change but to implement it and make a difference.

See the gallery below for photos of Mother Teresa:

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