California recalls cucumbers, Taylor Swift and Kanye are now BFFs, and more on the September 5th Trend Report


Top 5 Facebook Trends

1. #ForceFriday
May the force be with you 'Star Wars' fanatics. The newest product line for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' is now available for purchase.

2. #PSL
Who said you have to waiting until fall to indulge in your favorite seasonal drink? Starbucks is changing the coffee game by offering pumpkin spice latte fans passes to get their hands (and tastebuds) on the beverage early.

3. California Cucumber Recall
Officials claim that produce from Mexico, including a deadly batch of cucumbers, could be contaminated with salmonella. So far, the outbreak has killed 1 and injured hundreds. Let this be a good excuse to not eat your veggies at dinner.

4. Kevin Bacon
The actor took to Facebook to post an adorable throwback of himself and his wife, Kyra Sedgwick on their 27th wedding anniversary. Here's to another 27 years!

Did I mention it's 1,404 weeks since we tied the knot @kyrasedgwick kikkosedg #LikeFineWine

Posted by Kevin Bacon on Friday, September 4, 2015

5. Blurred Lines
Remember that Robin Thicke video back in 2013 that took the Internet by storm? Well, if you don't model Emily Ratajkowski definitely does and she's claiming her appearance in the music video is the bane of her existence. Ouch!

United States Top Twitter Trends

1. #LaborDay
With the last big holiday of the summer, users are tweeting their fun festivities for the long weekend and Labor Day.

2. Taylor Swift
Looks like the Kanye West-Taylor Swift feud is a thing of the past. The pop star shared a picture featuring a bouquet of flowers she received from the rapper.

3. #WorldBeardDay
If there's any day to appreciate facial hair, today is the day.

4. Freddie Mercury
Happy birthday Freddie Mercury! The Queen frontman would have turned 69 today.

5. Beyoncé
There's no better way to celebrate Queen Bey's birthday than by listening to her top singles. In honor of the special occasion, the singer posted an exclusive remix to her hit single "Crazy in Love."

Instagram Hashtag You Need to Scroll: #LaborDay
It doesn't matter if they're hitting the beach or prepping for a weekend full of backyard barbecues, Instagrammers can't contain their excitement for the long weekend.

5 Places to Avoid This Labor Day
5 Places to Avoid This Labor Day

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