Shocking confessions from people who work in customer service

Good customer service is integral to any thriving business. While the businesses themselves can offer promotions or discounts to bring in new customers, only the customer service representatives can keep clients coming back for more.

Therefore, people who work in customer service are expected to keep the customers happy at all costs. They're expected to listen to customers carefully, be ready to apologize (even if they didn't do anything wrong), accept feedback, and maintain a charming disposition.

These expectations can be frustrating for customer service workers, though, when customers aren't returning the friendly vibe. Therefore, several customer service workers took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to share some shocking confessions about their jobs in customer service.

Sometimes they actually enjoy seeing customers squirm.
I work in customer service and sometimes I make the customers mad for fun.

But others understand the value of treating others how you'd want to be treated.
One thing I've learned from working in customer service is how to be a decent person to others. I would never want to treat someone the same way some jerks think it's okay to treat me.

It can be difficult to empathize with customers, though.
I work in customer service. I sound like I care about the problems people tell me, but actually I don't.

Especially when customers are extremely rude.
I work in customer service and I assure you, the more rude you are to me, the less helpful I become.

Many customer service workers simply tune the customers out.
I'm a customer service representative and I am so thankful for my mute button

The job certainly comes with its share of challenges.
Working in customer service has got to be one of the most physically, mentally, and emotionally draining things I've ever experienced.

And can make the workers lose their faith in humanity.
I work as a customer service rep. I can tell I have been doing this too long because now I am a misanthrope and it's affecting my personal life. people are horrible when there is no accountability.

It definitely messes with people's social lives.
The more I work in customer service the less I become a people person... I'm sorry, but customers are idiots.

Table manners apply to phone etiquette too, people.
as a customer service agent I HATE when customers call me and chew LOUDLY on the phone! eat and THEN call me!!

It can even shift people's social values.
I never realized how racist I was until I started working in customer service.

Just because you can't see them, doesn't mean they aren't real people.
While working in customer service, I've learned that people have a sense of entitlement and don't treat you like a person.

It can be difficult not to be judgmental in this line of work.
Working as a customer service representative, I judge people by the sound of their voice

They really don't like being told to smile.
I work in customer service. I hate when customers complain that we don't smile enough. I'm sorry I'm not happy 24/7

Sometimes they just want to yell at customers to be more kind.
I work in customer service. It is almost amazing how awful customers are. We watch you, we know how you treat the "help". Be better to people.

A little assistance is sometimes needed to achieve that bubbly disposition.
I take shots of whiskey before going into work as a Customer Service Rep so I can be overly excited on the phone and get through the day

A little alone time can go a long way.
I work in customer service... I'm around people 100% of the time.... sometimes I just want a break to myself

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