Mysterious video shows ants forming a circle around a ringing phone

Ant Scientists Tell You Everything 'Ant-Man' Gets Wrong About Ants
Ant Scientists Tell You Everything 'Ant-Man' Gets Wrong About Ants

Ants are very interesting insects with very peculiar behaviors. Scientists have been studying them to understand how they live, interact and spend their time in colonies but new, puzzling things come up every day. The latest curiosity is a video that surfaced on YouTube showing a phone placed on the ground where a group of ants is moving randomly. When the phone receives an incoming call, the ants start forming a circle and begin spiraling around the device.

Here is the mysterious video:

According to Australian entomologist Nigel Andrew, ants have magnetic receptors in their antennae and the magnetic field created by the incoming call could have affected their sense of direction. Additionally, the vibration of the phone on the ground could be another factor that contributed to their strange behavior.

Ants moving in a circle is actually a phenomenon that occurs even without a phone. According to Science Alert, when a group of ants loses track of the pheromone scent that lets them communicate with the leaders, they get disoriented and start following one another, forming a mill known also as 'death spiral' in which the ants will walk until they die of exhaustion like in the video below:

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