Find out what the 'Macarena' is really all about

"LIVE with Kelly and Michael": Macarena
"LIVE with Kelly and Michael": Macarena

Ah, the Macarena...a true 90s anthem. This 1994 "one hit wonder" by Los del Rio blasted through the speakers' of the 90s generation, as they did the catchy little dance to go with the equally catchy song.

We're guessing that you've never taken the time listen to all of the actual lyrics...and you should be glad you didn't. As reported by Cosmopolitan Latina, Macarena is the name of a woman, a pretty scandalous woman at that!

%shareLinks-quote="The song is actually about a woman who's unhappy with her boyfriend, so she cheats on him with two of his friends while he's trying to join the army. " type="quote" author="Cosmopolitan Latina" authordesc="Meaning of the 'Macarena'" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Shocking, right? Watch these 90s kids react to the Macarena meaning, from folks at DistractifyVideo:

(Make sure you have your volume on for this, click on the bottom right corner in the Vine):


Okay, so not exactly the Macarena we all know. But, everyone has their own way of doing it — that's the beauty of it! See how this hockey player led the entire stadium to do the dance, and get some inspiration for your next party:

Swedish Goalie Leads Crowd in Macarena On Ice
Swedish Goalie Leads Crowd in Macarena On Ice

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