Millennials describe themselves as self-absorbed, wasteful

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WASHINGTON (AP) -- Even millennials don't think much of their generation.

A Pew study released Thursday shows 59 percent of millennials described their generation as "self-absorbed." Almost half - or 49 percent - said they were "wasteful," and 43 percent said they were "greedy."

The highest-ranking positive traits they came up with were "environmentally conscious" at 40 percent and "idealistic" at 39 percent.

Many millennials - generally defined as being ages 18-34 - don't even want to be identified as such.

Sixty percent don't consider themselves to be part of the "millennial generation." Instead, 33 percent say they are part of Generation X.

The poll was conducted using Pew's American Trends Panel among 3,147 respondents, mostly interviewed online.

The margin of error is plus or minus 2.4 percentage points.

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