Meet the 'Star Wars' toy that everybody wants right now

Hands on with the Incredible Star Wars BB-8 by Sphero

BB-8 made a quick appearance on the trailer for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' earlier this year and made many fans fall in love with the tiny, ball-shaped droid. Now, Disney is bringing you a real version of the robot that you can control with your smartphone.

This the latest toy creation that everybody is talking about right now. Once you pair it with your smartphone it functions in three modes that let you pilot the rolling robot around, send augmented reality messages or patrol an area on an autonomous mission. The robot's head will always remain on the top, where it floats and balances the toy's motion.

The toy's price is relatively high ($150) so you want to make sure you keep your dog from chewing its head off and retrieve it to you.

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