In honor of Queen Bey's birthday: Honest confessions from Beyonce's biggest fans

Friday, September 4 is Beyonce Knowles' 34th birthday. Beyonce, aka Queen Bey, has pretty much taken over the world in her short 34 years. With 20 Grammy awards, a surprise album drop, a powerhouse husband, and some seriously on fleek dance moves, the superstar is a force to be reckoned with.

When we think Beyonce, one adjective comes to mind: fierce. The singer is gracious, heartfelt and generous yet always says it how it is and doesn't take any nonsense. Nobody puts Queen Bey in a corner. She preaches the importance of feminism and somehow manages to raise an adorable little girl while maintaining her post as reigning queen.

While just about everyone loves and admires Beyonce, some of her best and biggest fans took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to share why they will forever remain the loyal followers of Queen Bey.

Like we said, fierce.
Every time I get nervous right before I do a class presentation I just tell myself, "You are Beyoncé." And then I become fierce.

Yonce changes lives with her music.
I am obsessed with Beyoncé. I've been her fan ever since I was a little girl. She honestly inspires me so much; I can say I am who I am because of her.

Watching her work the stage is beyond mesmerizing.
Watching Beyoncé preform is the closest I've ever been to a religious  experience.  It's like having my soul cleansed.

There's no such thing as being too obsessed.
Sometimes I feel like I'm too obsessed with Beyoncé. Then I'm like, LOOK AT HER!

She's more than a queen, she's a Goddess.
Beyoncé has saved my life so many times. I wish I could just tell her thank you.

She's perhaps our generation's greatest inspiration.
I strive to be as talented, hardworking and flawless as Beyoncé

And anyone who doesn't like her is seriously disturbed.
I broke up with a guy once because he said Beyoncé was ugly.

The jealousy is real.
Every morning is a constant painful, excruciating and gruesome reminder that I can never wake up as Beyonce.

The only button we need on our iTunes is "replay."
I am so obsessed with Beyoncé that I would rather listen to one of her songs 50 times than listen to another artist.

Her fans REALLY care about her personal life.
I'm saving up vacation days at work in case Jay-Z and Beyoncé break up

They love her so much it's distracting.
Every time I hear my teacher said " class listen", I'll mentally sing listen from beyonce and not pay attention until I mentally finish the song.

Loving Beyonce is the best kind of pastime.
I sit and watch Beyonce music videos/performances for hours on end some days. No regrets

She even has #browsonfleek.
Sometimes when I have to pluck my eyebrows I play Beyoncé songs just so I remember looking like her is the ultimate goal

And she inspires fans to pursue an education.
The only reason I went to school all this time is to distract myself from the fact that I'll never be Beyoncé

Beyonce is everything. Literally.
Beyonce is literally life🙌🏻 I could become a lesbian for her

Happy birthday, Queen Bey! For more Beyonce confessions, ​check out Whisper.

Watch this video if you want to feel empowered by Beyonce:

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