This video shows how smokers age over the span of 30 years

Smokers See What They'll Look Like In The Future

It's no secret that smoking is horrible for your health, but this BuzzFeed video showed smokers the danger of the habit in a whole new light. The video focuses on the premature skin aging that comes as a side effect of smoking, and producers brought in a makeup artist to show the participants how smoking could potentially age them in 30 years.

While one participant admits to smoking about a pack of cigarettes per month, another participant says that he smokes about two packs of cigarettes per day. While one woman admits that she's upset with herself for picking up the habit, another man says that he hopes the outcome of the video will persuade him to stop smoking altogether.

The participants had intense reactions to seeing themselves in the mirrors. One guy even said, "Ugh, that's awful." The experience hits home for the participants as they point out the noticeable aging in their skin and damage in their teeth.

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