These 5 tricks are going to change the way you use Facebook

5 Facebook Tricks You Didn't Know You Needed

Facebook has quite a few tricks up its sleeves. The platform is a very powerful tool that most people don't use at its full potential. Here are five tips that are going to turn you into a super user in no time.

1) Pay your friends via chat
When you open a conversation, look for the dollar sign in the text field and forget about PayPal, Venmo or whatever app you were using before. Now you can split bills straight from your chat.

2) Keep your relationship status change private
If you don't want the world to know about your latest breakup, just before you hit "Save Changes" when you update your relationship status, select "Only Me" from the scroll down menu and nobody else will see it. Now there's a little less drama in the social media world.

3) Hide some friends from the chat list
You have a lot of friends on Facebook, but for sure you don't want some of them to bug you every few minutes via chat. You can actually make sure they don't see you available and that you don't see them showing up on your list. Just click on the gear sign in the chat contact list, select "Advanced Settings" and "Turn off chat for only some friends". This will let you chose which "friends" you want to leave out of your club.

4) You can add all your contact's birthdays to your iCalendar or Google Calendar
Follow the steps in the video at the top of the article and you'll never be in that awkward situation where you forget to wish your friends again.

5) You can hide a post from just one friend
If you want to throw a surprise party and your only way to get people together is to announce it on Facebook, there's a way to make sure the birthday person doesn't see it. When you write the post, click the scroll down menu that says "Friends" and select "Custom." This will prompt you to a window where you can choose who you don't want share the post with.

You are now a Facebook ninja. Go and conquer the platform.

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