Taco Bell's new crispy chicken taco shell is absolutely glorious

I'll Try That: Taco Bell Rolled Chicken Tacos

After Taco Bell came out with biscuit tacos, waffle tacos, and Doritos tacos, we thought we'd seen it all. What more could Taco Bell possibly do to revolutionize tacos?

The giant food chain is at it again, this time bringing us the late-night drunchie snack we didn't even know we desperately needed. Introducing the Naked Chicken Taco, your typical Taco Bell fillings surrounded by a deliciously crispy chicken shell.

As the gem is only offered at limited locations so far, the quest is on to find these golden tickets (golden tacos?) all over the country. A Reddit user has found two restaurants in Southern California that serve the greasy goods so far.

One of the two chains that carry the new item is in Bakersfield and the other is in Lost Hills. The taco costs about $2.99 for a single taco and $4.99 for a combo.

The full list of ingredients in this extraordinary taco include a fried chicken taco shell, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and avocado ranch sauce. Fingers crossed that we see these bad boys in more chains throughout the country soon!

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Taco Bell's new crispy chicken taco shell is absolutely glorious

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