Is it okay to pee in the pool?

Is It OK To Pee In The Pool?

Do you pee in the pool? Not everyone admits to it, but plenty of people do (watch above for proof!). If you have, you might think twice about it next time. Read on!

Darnell Franks, the Seasonal Pool Manager at the John C. Argue Swim Stadium in Los Angeles weighs in on the controversial topic, saying:

Don't do it. In addition to that, we also request that patrons take soap showers to rinse off contaminants. We do recommend people to take breaks when swimming. Basically, when your body gets into cooler water, it makes it feel like your bladder is full. And your body's natural reaction to that is to what? Urinate. There's a saying: We don't swim in your toilet, so please don't pee in our pool ... The only pee that should be in the pool is in the spelling.

If that's not enough convincing, here's what Professor Ernest R. Blatchley III from Purdue University has to say about the longstanding issue.

The urine itself is probably nothing to worry about, but the fact is that urine contains a lot of organic nitrogen that's gonna react with chlorine, and the products of those reactions are sometimes pretty unpleasant. They include things like cyanogen chloride, which has been used as a chemical warfare agent. The concentrations that are present in pools, and perhaps more importantly, in the air above pools, are obviously a lot lower than some military organization would use in a chemical warfare attack. There's a group of other compounds called chloramines that are responsible for the odor associated with chlorinated pools, and they also cause irritation to your eyes, skin and respiratory system.

If you're wondering how to tell if there's an abundance of pee in a pool, Professor Blatchley says you'll know it when you smell it.

"You can smell it at a fairly low concentration, and you can start to smell it at roughly the concentration where people have trouble. Some people are more sensitive than others, but you if you hear people coughing and hacking around the pool, there's probably a little too much pee in the pool."

So, as if it's a huge surprise, you shouldn't pee in the pool. That doesn't mean you should be scared to get in the water, though -- just take a bathroom break when you need one!

And if you're going to a pool party this Labor Day weekend, try your hand at making one of these summer treats:

11 summer foods to make
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Is it okay to pee in the pool?

No. 1: BLT Ranch Burgers

Katie Lee’s simple, summery BLT burger will be the hit of any BBQ. Katie accessorizes her beef patty with bacon, homemade ranch dressing and a toasted bun.

Tip: Add Worcestershire sauce to your ground beef when you make your burger patties, because as Katie says, it will make your meat taste “meatier.”

No. 2: Watermelon Frog

For your last summer fiesta, why not bring this clever and cute Watermelon Frog fruit salad? Click through to watch a step-by-step demonstration. 

No. 3: Katie Lee's All-American Potato Salad

Katie Lee's potato salad recipe is everything you look for in this favorite of American side dishes. The mayo and Dijon dressing, fresh herbs and lemon juice make this the perfect accompaniment to your burgers and dogs.

No. 4: Jessica Alba's Pops

Jessica Alba’s juice pops are healthy, and super fun and easy to make with your kids. Your kids won’t mind eating them, either.

No. 5: Richard Blais' Chili-Spiced Corn on the Cob

This to-die-for spicy corn on the cob is Richard Blais’ delish take on the corn you would find at a food cart on the streets of L.A., with the delectable addition of a prosciutto wrapper.

No. 6: Grant's Watermelon Ice Cream Pops

Grant’s adorable DIY watermelon ice cream pops are the perfect item to add to your “Summer Bucket List.” They are the perfect snack to munch barefoot on the porch during the last days of summer.

No.7: Grilled Pinwheel Steaks and Roasted Broccoli

You have to try this flavorful, juicy steak before summer is over! Roll skirt steaks with lemon zest, herbs and spices, garlic, and Parmigiano-Reggiano, tie, slice and grill. Delish!

No. 8: Berries and Cream Parfait

Take advantage of the plentiful, fresh summer berries while you can, and make this beautiful and delicious parfait. It makes for an elegant presentation if you have any August gatherings to attend!

No. 9: Andrew Zimmern's Cucumber-Mint Lemonade

This delicious lemonade combines the tartness of lemon, the brightness of mint and the mellow taste of cucumber for a virgin beverage the whole family can enjoy. Add your favorite liquor if you want to make it adult-only!

No. 10: West Virginia-Style Hot Dogs

When you think of regional hot dog recipes, usually New York or Chicago-style comes to mind. But Katie Lee is bringing you West Virginia-style dogs! Her dogs are slathered with a delicious homemade chili sauce, yellow mustard, onions and cole slaw -- delish! Katie says, “If you make this for your neighborhood block party, you will be the hero of the neighborhood.”

No. 11: Grilled Guacamole

Grilling the ingredients brings out bonus flavor in this otherwise-classic guacamole recipe. So fire up the grill while you still can and make some guac your family and friends won’t soon forget! 


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