Woman drops 112 pounds by cutting this common household beverage out of her diet

Sarah Turner, 27, was so addicted to Coca-Cola that she drank four liters of the fizzy beverage every day. Her body reflected the addiction as she gained a tremendous amount of weight despite her small frame. At her heaviest, the woman weighed 245 pounds.

The mother-of-three knew that she had to make a change to her lifestyle in order to be healthy enough to take care of her children. After cutting the sugary drink out of her diet, Turner lost 112 pounds, almost half her weight. She said:

"I was definitely addicted. I could drink Coke all day and not think of the effect it had on me. I was always tired and had no energy to do anything but now I can take my children out and run around in the park with them."

Turner had no idea that she was actually consuming almost a pound of sugar every single day from the soda alone. The mother said that the worst thing about her weight was not being able to play with her three children. She said:

"I could drink Coke all day and not think of the effect it had on me. Not being able to play with my children was the worst thing to me - that look of disappointment in their eyes when I said I couldn't go to the park - it upset me so much. It's literally completely changed my life losing this weight - I can do so much more now and I've completely given up Coke. I just used to sit on the sofa when the kids went to bed and have a massive Chinese takeaway to myself. Now I can still have something quick and easy for tea but I just make sure it's a lot healthier than it used to be."

The single mother has substituted Coke for Pepsi Max and Diet Coke. She said:

"I have loads of energy I love going out walking anywhere whereas before I never did – I also enjoy actually going clothes shopping now I can fit in 'normal' size clothes."

Watch this video to learn 10 shocking facts about Coca-Cola:

10 Shocking Facts About Coca-Cola

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