Perfecting your skincare routine

By: The Spicy Stiletto

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Exfoliate. I normally start off my day using a very soft-bristled Clarisonic to target areas of my skin that are dry or flakey. The brand now has so many variations of bristles that make it easy to customize something for your skin.

Prep. I always wake up with fairly puffy eyes, so every morning while I'm picking an outfit, I'll apply eye pads to help decrease any fine lines and puffiness. I normally store the eye pads in the refrigerator so they also help expedite the process. These Dia Force hydro-gel eye patches are currently my favorite. As for skin prep, essence water has become a crucial part of the routine. These products can be pretty expensive, but I started using Innisfree which I find works just as well. My skin instantly feels refreshed and hydrated. Apply a few drops to a cotton pad and massage your skin.

Tone. Toner is what keeps my skin clean and clear. This clarifying AHA/BHA toner is one of my favorites. It helps balance my skin's pH for a follow-up serum and moisturizer, and compliments the essence water, making my skin feel tighter.

Moisturize. I think this is the hardest product to find when you have combination like myself. I'm always looking for a serum and moisturizer that will target problem areas, avoiding areas that don't need the moisture. I recently started using the moisturizer from Rescue Skin. The box comes with these small one-application packages that are great for traveling and night/ day routines.

Protect. Of course, the most important part and regrettably something I didn't do much of during my early twenties. I apply a pretty thick layer when I decide to have a day sans makeup. Currently, I'm using Goldfaden MD Sun Visor which is really lightweight and easy to apply. It's oil-free formula is great under makeup as well.

Perfecting a skin care routine is tedious, especially when it comes to finding products that work for your specific skin type. Luckily, I didn't have many skin problems growing up. In fact, my skin was very low maintenance, but ever since I entered my late twenties, I've struggled with combination skin that forced me into a this said routine. And though I'm always changing up what I apply to my skin, I'm systematic about this daily application process. I always exfoliate, then start preparing my skin with eye pads and essence water, tone, moisturize, and protect before I even start my makeup routine — that is if the day requires ones.

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