PayPal's new service just made paying your friends way easier

PayPal Could Rise 40%: Barron's

The e-payments giant just made peer-to-peer transfers a breeze.

A new service by PayPal allows you to generate a personalized URL link to send to the person that owes you money. The link can be sent via email, SMS, social media or any messaging app and it lets you request money from anyone around the world. You can also grab a URL with your own name to make the process more personal.

PayPal.Me is a very useful tool not only to have people pay you back, but also to split bills or share expenses in a fast and simple way. The service is similar to other competitors like Venmo, but it does not require your friend to have an account before you can send him or her the request.

According to The Next Web, PayPal conducted a study on people financial habits and concluded that individuals in U.S., Canada, Australia and Germany are collectively owed more than $51 billion. This service is definitely going to help ease the process and balance things out.

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