Here is the best tech for your Labor Day weekend

The History Of Labor Day

Whether you decide to spend your Labor Day weekend relaxing on your couch, traveling or grilling in your backyard, tech can make your experience even better if you pick the right stuff. Here is a list of the best tech that can help you enjoy your weekend of freedom!

1) Turn your plain old grill into a high-tech smart grill
Are you tired of checking every other second if your steak is ready only to finally find out that it's already burned? Grilling can be way easier if you use the right tools. iGrill is a thermometer that magnetically attaches to your old grill and connects to your smartphone. The device has professional grade probes that let you track the temperature of your meat and the app alerts you if it's getting too hot or when the food is ready.

2) Let a robot do the cleaning
Let's face it, grilling is fun, eating is amazing but after all that comes the cleaning. This Labor Day weekend you can let technology do the hard work. Grillbot is a battery powered robot that will take care of your dirty grill while you enjoy more time with your friends and family. Set the timer and place it on the grill you want to clean. Its brushes will get rid of the grease and all you have to do is put them in the dishwasher after it's done.

3) Relax in your living room by controlling everything with one smart remote
If you're not into grilling and you just want to relax in your home, we know how annoying it can be when you need a million different remote controls to operate all your tech, from the TV, to your music system or the room's lights. SPIN is a smart remote that goes for simplicity. You can program the futuristic-looking device from your phone and once you are done it lets you control all your other devices just by spinning it or moving it around.

4) Use predictive technology to find the best deals on flights
If you are a travel junkie and you take every chance you have to get out of the ordinary routine and places, check out Hopper. This app predicts the best time for getting the cheapest deals on flights by analyzing billions of airfares.

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