Enormous shark leaves news anchors totally speechless on air

Aussie Presenter's Shark Clip Shock

Sharks encounters are not a rare thing in Australia, but the latest appearance shocked even seasoned news anchors. An incredibly big shark was filmed while jumping out of the water and grabbing something with its jaws. The footage was broadcasted by Australian TV Channel 9, where anchor Karl Stefanovic was conducting the show until the enormous figure showed up on the screen. The man was left speechless for a few seconds just staring at the crew and his colleague could only do the same.

The anchor broke the silence by declaring:

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Great White Sharks
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Enormous shark leaves news anchors totally speechless on air
Great White Shark Emerging From the Water
Great white attacks bait.
Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) breaching in an attack on seal , South Africa
Great white shark - Carcharodon carcharias, in pacific ocean near the coast of Guadalupe Island - Mexico.
Attack great white shark
Dorsal aileron of a Great White shark (Carcharodon carcharias) swimming near surface level, Kleinbaai near Gans Bay, South Western Cape, South Africa
Great white shark nearby Dyer Island, South Africa

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