Abandoned dog hit by car learns to run again

BROKEN , DISCARDED AND ALONE...This was the first image of Lawson : waiting to die in a corner , crawling , hoping for...

Posted by He'Art of Rescue on Friday, August 28, 2015

When Lawson, a 1-year-old stray dog, was crossing a busy road in search of scraps of food from a dumpster, he was hit by a speeding car. The young dog's back legs were destroyed and he lay paralyzed on the side of the road for multiple days.

Finally, someone who saw Lawson in agony on the side of the road called a shelter. The dog was then taken to the He'art of Rescue clinic for help. Although the dog could no longer use his back legs, his spirits remained high.

Now, thanks to the help of generous donations to his treatment, Lawson is learning to run again. He uses a wheeling device that holds up his back legs as he gallops around the yard.

Soon, Lawson will be healthy enough to find a family to take care of him. He will be looking for a kind family to love and care for him.

We hope Lawson finds a loving family who shows him all the kindness and support he deserves. Learn how you can help here.

Watch this video to see how advanced technology is helping dogs learn to run again:

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