This woman claims she is 'allergic to Wi-Fi'

Can Humans Feel WiFi?

Apparently there's a new epidemic sweeping the aversion to WiFi.

Marine Richard, 39, is a former radio producer from Marseilles, France. She was recently awarded a disability allowance of £500 ($560.22) per month after she convinced judges that she had been "forced to flee civilization because of the disagreeable sensations that she felt near electromagnetic radiation."

Richard's condition, which has not yet been substantiated by medical experts, is known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). EHS is said to cause severe discomfort when exposed to cellphones, Wi-Fi and televisions. According to The Independent, EHS sufferers have even established "radiation-free" colonies in the countryside.

This is the first time that French courts have acknowledged EHS as a legitimate disability.

So we want to know, do you think "EHS" is a real disability?

[h/t The Telegraph]

In another case of "WiFi aversion," these Massachusetts parents sued school claiming WiFi makes their child sick:

Parents Sue School Claiming WiFi Makes Their Child Sick

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