The importance of International Overdose Awareness Day

How to Prevent Drug Overdose

Every year, International Overdose Awareness Day is observed on August 31, aiming to raise awareness and spark conversation about drug overdose, with the ultimate goal of reducing the stigma that surrounds drug-related deaths.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 20,000 deaths were a result of drug overdose. Along with opening a door for conversation, International Overdose Awareness Day recognizes and acknowledges the family and friends that are grieving the loss or permanent injury of a loved one due to drug overdose. The prominent issue is acknowledged in an effort to convey the message that the tragedy of a drug overdose death is preventable.

The International Overdose Awareness website not only elaborates on the importance of this day, but it also includes tributes, resources, and ways to get involved, encouraging everyone to not only acknowledge the day, but to make a difference, too.

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