Man wins $1M lottery with $20 bill he found on the street

Man Wins $1M Lottery With $20 Bill He Found on the Street

What do you do when you find a $20 bill on the street? Donate it, save it -- or buy a lottery scratch-off ticket worth a million dollars?

Hubert Tang did just that, by winning the California State Lottery's million-dollar jackpot.

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"Mom can definitely look forward to a new car or something," lottery winner Hubert Tang told KPIX.

Tang found the lucky $20 outside the San Francisco International Airport, and when he won, he wasn't sure if it was for real.

Now, Tang -- who works as a bartender -- says most of it will go into savings, but, "We gotta at least have a little celebration kind of thing, right," he told ABC.

Tang says he also might try to pass his luck along by leaving random $20 bills on the street.

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