Man and woman save 2 sibling dogs stuck in Los Angeles sewer

Komondor Dogs Love Their Siblings From Deer to Chicks
Komondor Dogs Love Their Siblings From Deer to Chicks

Even dog siblings have a special connection. Just like the Komondor dogs in the video above, two dog siblings in Los Angeles shared a very special moment. Pepsi and Cola were fighting for their lives in a Los Angeles sewer when a man and woman found them and saved their lives.

With that being said, the rescue was challenging for Eldad Hagar and Vanessa Enriquez. Hagar's organization, Hope for Paws, told The Huffington Post, "After surviving on their own for so long, the two pooches had grown wary of people."

The dogs were very fearful of Hagar and Enriquez at first, but they still showed a sense of love and protection for one another.

In the video of the rescue, Pepsi uses his body to cover up his sister and protect her. That's what any good big brother would do, right?

See the full video of the rescue below:

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