Friday Fails: Life in your 20s

10 Moments You Realise You Need to Grow Up

You have big dreams with an even bigger student loan payment. A gourmet meal consists of the McDonald's Dollar Menu and good ole' Trader Joes Two Buck Chuck. Oh, and the only guy that ever calls you is Randy from Chase Visa (kudos to you if you can guess which iconic movie that is from). Sound familiar?

Yes, we know life can be rough as an adult in your 20s. But don't fret – we can all relate. Here is one Instagram account that just really gets it:

Every morning

When your significant other is... yourself #Accurate

The realest #RelationshipGoals

When you're so broke, it hurts

But you decide to go for the bottomless mimosas you could never really afford

But of course, you need to burn those calories off at the "gym"

This crosses your mind multiple times a day

The struggle is real at the 1st of every month

Your Google search history in a nutshell

And... your thought every day

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