Wearing sprouts on your head is the latest fashion trend from China

People In Beijing Are Being Spotted With Sprouts On Their Heads
Forget Paris, Milan and New York. The real deal when it comes to the best fashion trends comes straight out of Beijing. What cool kids wear these days is an accessory that clips onto your hair and looks like a sprout is growing out of your head.

Here is a gallery that will give you some inspiration on sprout fashion:
Wearable sprouts
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Wearing sprouts on your head is the latest fashion trend from China
Sprouts growing from the top of your head is totally a trend in China right now. http://t.co/KMZ1ByWPoF http://t.co/pszUKK1gq2
독특한 유행이 중국 길거리를 강타했습니다. http://t.co/mPnG3Bx0lI #중국 http://t.co/c7PSQ1jAFV
[PHOTOS] There's a weird hairstyle trend again... and this time it involves plants. http://t.co/WyUNdbeJkq http://t.co/F4EbmPBRSn

Before you start over analyzing and thinking that this trend is a plan to connect humans to nature, or a social commentary on the air pollution that affects the city, it's nothing so deep. The sprouts are simply a reference to a cartoon character, which people started emulating at a cosplay convention and it set the standard for the nouveau​ cute. The basic version comes with a regular sprout and a couple of leaves, but many variations are available on the e-commerce website Taobao, such as flowers, mushrooms and fruits.

The Beijinger seems to be just as puzzled about these wearable sprouts and commented:

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