10 cities as they appear from space

10 Cities As They Appear From Space

Often times when walking through a city it's tough to grasp how enormous it truly is. Luckily, there are cameras way up high in the sky that put urban immensity into perspective.

Here are 10 cities as seen from space.

Number 10. New York City. When viewed from far above, the city that never sleeps also looks like one that never ends. The photo further lends a new appreciation for how much prime Manhattan real estate is dedicated to Central Park and the publicly accessible diversions it offers.

Number 9. Rio de Janiero. NASA astronaut and shutterbug Scott Kelly provided this image of the Brazilian city. Though masses of development are evident, it's tough to make out any specific structure. Somewhat surprisingly, even the gargantuan, mountain top 'Christ the Redeemer' statue is hard to spot.

Number 8. Barcelona. The Spanish locale is known for having some of the most avant-garde architecture in Europe, but you'd never know it from space. What does stand out is the city's impressively planned and executed grid pattern.

Number 7. Shanghai. By day it appears as a victim of urban sprawl, but night images suggest that its center is still thriving, spreading energy and influence along its many web-like corridors.

Number 6. Perth. This Western Australia city is well known for its beach and water activities, and this photo taken from the International Space Station emphasizes why. The metropolitan area boasts over 30 miles of coastline.

Number 5. San Francisco. Among the cities most iconic features is its brightly painted bridge. Though the brilliant orange-red hue can't be fully appreciated from space, the structure's impressive reach certainly can.

Number 4. Paris. Many dream of spending a day getting lost in the French capital's neighborhoods. Judging from the city's layout as seen from space, losing one's way shouldn't be hard. Routes curve, follow odd angles, and diverge in numerous directions.

Number 3. Berlin. The wall has been down for some time, but the areas that once comprised the eastern and western divisions of the city are still evident from above. Each has streetlamps of a different color.

Number 2. Chicago. In 1893, the Windy City hosted the World's Columbian Exposition, and in honor of the momentous event, erected many all-white buildings. Not only are some of them still being used today, they show up in pictures taken from hundreds of miles in the sky.

Number 1. Athens. It's often said that all roads lead to Rome, but many head in to central Athens as well. Standing on a hilltop amidst the city's nucleus is the ancient, yet still wildly popular, Acropolis.

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