What millennials really think about Donald Trump

As we find ourselves reading more and more headlines featuring Donald Trump and his presidential campaign, we can't help but wonder what people really think of the controversial business mogul-turned-politican. While Trump is known for his strong opinions and candor, others aren't quite as quick to voice their genuine opinions.

At a time when millennials are becoming increasingly embracive of feminism, diversity, and overall political correctness, some may fear the backlash of associating themselves in support of Trump. Therefore, we took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts and opinions, to figure out exactly how millennials feel about Donald Trump.

I like Donald Trump, watching him would be like watching a reality show. But I would never vote for him.

Anyone who thinks Donald Trump is a racist is a victim of false reporting. Read his actual words. Don't jump on a bandwagon of ignorance by not taking things by the source.

Donald Trump couldn't handle a reporter asking him a tough question; what does that say about his ability to handle ISIS?

As a Latino I am not offended nor do I care about what Donald Trump said about my race....

I hate when people say they're voting for Donald Trump because he speaks his mind.   My drunk uncle speaks his mind constantly. Maybe he should run for president.

I would rather have crazy than someone who has been lying to me for years. I'm voting for Donald Trump

I'm getting really nervous about Donald Trump running for President. At first it was funny and now it's getting a little scary.

I love Donald Trump. He's not sorry about his wealth. He's not politically correct. If someone's being an idiot, he'll call them an idiot. Trump 2016!!

I pretend to be supporting Donald Trump "ironically" but I really want to vote for him.

Donald Trump's presidential campaign makes me laugh harder than any standup comedian could.

I feel like the media is using  Donald Trump as a distraction from something huge that's about to happen.

I secretly want Donald trump to be president, cause everyone is saying that they'll leave America if he does. Which is great since America is over populated anyways.

I'm secretly hoping Donald trump makes it, so we all have to vote democrat again.

I hope Donald Trump wins because I'm not American and I want to watch the world burn

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for bankruptcy, sexism, racism, and stupidity. And I'm saying that as a Republican.

Donald Trump is a breath of fresh air I really like his straight talk

I feel like people are more worried about Donald Trump's hair than him winning presidency......

For more Donald Trump confessions, check out Whisper.

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