This man's Ninja Turtle wedding wish gets retweeted 100,000 times and comes true

Shocking Twist Hits Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
It all started with a simple tweet by a man named Nic whose girlfriend told him that he could dress up like a Ninja Turtle at their wedding if he got 100,000 retweets:

Now, there are probably hundreds of these dare-tweets around the platform and most of the time they go by unnoticed. But not this time.

While at first the tweet got some attention and people starting supporting the cause by retweeting it a few thousand times, the digits were still pretty far from the goal that every Ninja Turtle's fan wants to crown his or her life with. About 24 hours after it was first published, magic started happening.
A user with 27,000 followers decided that it was time to help by asking the Internet to join the battle and the number of retweets started growing exponentially.

Nic couldn't do much besides watch incredulously and cheer for the users who took the challenge and started blasting his message across the globe:

At this point, celebrities like Seth Rogen and the music band Bastille also chimed in and contributed to the cause:

The goal was met in no time, and Nic's girlfriend had the perfect reaction:

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