Now you can build real stuff with these huge Lego bricks

This Lego Game Finally Connects Bricks to TV: 'Lego Dimensions'At some stage of our childhood we have all seen those colorful, tiny bricks that let our creativity break free. Some of us were better at it than others when it came to building incredible marvels out of plastic pieces, but we all enjoyed spending our carefree time trying to put them together. Now that we've all grown up, how cool would it be if we could still build things out of Lego bricks made for our adult sizes?

This is what Arnon Rosan thought when he founded EverBlock, a company that makes full-scale plastic blocks that you can use to create functioning furniture and structures for your daily life. The applications are not limited to furniture. As the EverBlock website explains, the applications for the blocks, which come in 14 different colors, range between temporary event structures, decor, pillars, event furniture such as bars, benches and tables, room dividers, exhibits, risers, platforms, steps and anything your imagination brings to life.

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