NASA made a Terminator-like material that heals itself in seconds

Self-Healing Tech of the Future

A lot of research is taking place around self healing materials, which could be the future of design and engineering. From concrete that repairs itself to pipe coating that can keep the liquids inside even when they break, the applications for this technology are enormous.

The latest development comes from a NASA-funded research that made a self healing material that repairs itself in a matter of seconds. This is a video of the material taking a bullet and closing the hole by itself:

The material is made of two hard layers that hold a gel element sandwiched between them. When one of the layers breaks, the liquid starts repairing the rupture the moment it comes in contact with air. According to Engadget, this is a much faster technique than the rest of the options out there, and it can be used in spacecrafts to save astronauts' lives, as well as in cars, pipes and every day materials like your cellphone's screen.

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