Amazon leaked that Android Wear might be compatible with iOS

Google Reinvents the Wearable...

The eternal fight between Android and iOS users when it comes to wearables might be about to end. With the limiting choice that Apple fans have had so far in terms of smartwatches they can use with their phones (Apple Watch only), the appeal of many options available between all the Android smartwatches are taking over.

While people have been fantasizing for quite some time about making Android Wear compatible with iOS systems, Amazon seems to have leaked a hint that this change is coming sooner than expected.

In the tech specs for a post related to the upcoming Huawei smartwatch, which will release in early September, a tiny detail stirred heated debates over the future of wearables:

One of the points states that the watch is compatible with most devices with an iOS 9.2 or Android 4.3 or later operating system, which means that you will be able to use the device with your iPhone.
Since then, the post was taken down and Huawei commented that incorrect information about the upcoming launch was published but did not specify any other detail.

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