Meet your new all-in-one credit card

Single 'Coin' Card Replaces All Your Credit, Debit Cards

With what recently has become a very heated battle for new ways to make payments, from Apple Pay, to Google Wallet, another competitor is back with an update to its product that aims to bring all your credit and debit cards into one single, universal card.

Just like it's predecessor, which came out in 2013, Coin 2.0 looks and feels like a regular card, but it has a small button and screen that lets you pick which of your cards you want to use. The 2.0 version also has a tap-to-pay function that works the same as your Apple Pay, but it also includes the option to use chip-and-pin cards.

The update is a must for the old Coin users since the credit card system in use in the United States changed over to a credit card, requiring you to upgrade your all-in-one card as well. If you already own the old version, the company will replace it for the new one at no cost.

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