This device turns your dumb bike into a smart bike

Smart phones, smart cars, smart house and now smart bike.

While all kinds of daily technologies are being enhanced by features that make them connected with the Internet, bicycles were still one step behind until this device showed up.

SmartHalo is a round gadget that you can attach to your bike's handlebar and it's going to augment your ride by synching with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Once you select your destination, the device lights up and gives you directions without having you take out your phone at every turn. If you travel in the wrong direction, SmartHalo will beam a red light, otherwise it will tell you which way to go with a green signal. It also gives you stats on your ride such as distance and speed, as well as location in case your bike gets stolen - it's still not smart enough to prevent theft. So you might want to pair it with this smart lock:

Lock8 Brings You the First Truly Smart Bike Lock

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