Here are the best Gmail hacks to keep you on track

The Best Gmail Tricks to Keep You on Track

Do you rely on Gmail for all your email correspondences? These must-know tips will make your work much easier.

1) Undo send

One day this feature is going to save you from major mistakes. After you send an email and you change your mind, you can undo the send. Go to Settings > General and select Undo Send.

2) Too many emails?

Enable "Send and Archive" from Settings > General and select Show "Send & Archive" button in reply. This will let you send an email while archiving the thread from your inbox.

3) Do you want to send an email later?

Install the Boomerang App and schedule your emails to go out at a later time.

4) Do you send the same message over and over?

Use Canned Responses. Go to Settings > Labs and Enable Canned Responses. You can save an email and use it an any time from your menu.

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