Offensive college 'Welcome Week' banners raise questions about rape culture

ODU Fraternity Gets Banned for Offensive Banners
ODU Fraternity Gets Banned for Offensive Banners

Banners at Ohio State University and Old Dominion University are raising eyebrows and opening up conversation about rape culture at college campuses.

On Monday, Sigma Nu fraternity boys at Old Dominion University draped banners off of their house that read, "Rowdy and fun. Hope your baby girl is ready for a good time..." and "Freshman daughter drop off." They were even bold enough to hang a banner that read, "Go ahead and drop mom off too."

Photos of these signs quickly went viral, and the fraternity has been suspended from the campus.

Just when that small fire was put out, though, another one was ignited.

Men at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio posted banners that read "Dads, we'll take it from here" and "Daughter Daycare 2.0."

These banners emphasize the prominence of rape culture on college campuses, making it clearer than ever that consent needs to remain a crucial and important topic of conversation on college campuses.

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