Man swings leashed dog at police officer as a weapon

Michael Rush, 26, used his pint-sized dog as a weapon to use against a Park City police officer on Sunday night.

The Kansas man used the dog's leash to swing the poor pet at the police officer. He hurled the little dog at the cop, seemingly in an effort to either harm the police officer or scare him away. A neighbor who witnessed the incident told KSN:

"He was out of it, screaming his head off."

It all started when the police were called to a quiet neighborhood in Wichita, Kansas after Rush was reportedly spotted kicking fences as he walked his dog through several backyards. As soon as an officer confronted Rush with a flashlight, the young man became extremely aggressive. Park City Police Chief Phil Bostain said:

"I've seen people try to use a dog and sick it on someone, but never seen someone pick one up and swing it through the air and use it as a weapon. That's a first."

Even after the officer pepper sprayed the man and hit him with a stun gun, Rush continued to swing his dog at the cop. He was finally subdued after more officers arrived on the scene for backup.

Fortunately, the small black and white dog appeared unharmed after the incident. The dog was placed in a local shelter. Rush, on the other hand, was booked on several charges. Bostain told KSN:

"Everyone sees a little dog like this - it's defenseless - it's not here by its own choice, and it's used as a weapon against somebody. It's disturbing."

Rush isn't the first person to use a dog as a defense mechanism. Watch this video to see how a famous celebrity used her dog as a paparazzi shield:

Amanda Bynes Uses Dog As Paparazzi Shield

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