10 of the world's most anti-climactic travel destinations

10 Of The World's Most Anti-Climactic Travel Destinations

It is often said that getting there is half the fun. In the case of trips to some popular tourist spots, however, that's the best part of it.

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Anti-climactic travel destinations
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10 of the world's most anti-climactic travel destinations

No. 10: The Grand Canyon

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No. 9: The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Photo: Hans-Peter Merten via Getty Images

No. 8: The Great Pyramids at Giza

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No 7: Stonehenge

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No. 6: The ruins of Pompeii

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No. 5: The rock of Gibraltar

No. 4: Mount Rushmore

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No. 3: The Acropolis

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No. 2: The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Photo: Steven Weinberg via Getty Images

No. 1: Niagara Falls

Photo: Mark Daffey via Getty Images


Number 10. Grand Canyon. As far as sights go, it is an impressive one. Unfortunately, after standing on the cliff for a bit and checking it out, the experience is largely over. There's always the million acres of woodland around it to check out or a hike a mile down to its bottom.

Number 9. Leaning Tower of Pisa. For many years, concerns for both the safety of the tower and its tourists prevented anyone from being allowed inside. Visitors were limited to looking at the tilted structure, and, of course, taking a picture that makes it look like they're holding it up.

Number 8. Great Pyramids. Stories about the legendary pharaohs and their immense riches are many, but the truth is, those rulers got robbed. Over the millennia, tomb raiders have made off with many of the spectacular valuables. Some even stripped the marble off of the exterior surfaces.

Number 7. Stonehenge. In the interest of preserving the history and authenticity of the stone circle, neither shelter nor restrooms from the elements have been built anywhere near it. Another thing that won't be too close to it is you. Viewing occurs from about 30 feet away.

Number 6. Pompeii. After being consumed by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, the city was largely left for dead. Despite renewed interest in recent centuries, first from archaeologists and religious travelers and now by tourists, the locale has been slow to respond. Polluted waterways, haphazard building plans, and many dismal lodging options distance it from its original splendor.

Number 5. Gibraltar. Though historically significant, the giant rock doesn't offer much in the way of diversions aside from eating traditional British pub fare. The area is overflowing with fish-and-chips sellers.

Number 4. Mount Rushmore. The real excitement surrounding these massive heads happened decades ago. 90% of the sculpting was done with dynamite, and it blasted about 450,000 tons of rock from the mountain. The rubble still sits at the attraction's base.

Number 3. The Acropolis. For many, the Parthenon is the main attraction, and among its most historically notable features are its sculptures. Those, however, have largely been removed and now reside in other locations like the British Museum.

Number 2. Hollywood Walk of Fame. Every year, about 10 million tourists descend upon the star-filled sidewalk. There to greet them are countless souvenir vendors and people selling maps to the stars' homes. Celebrities, on the other hand, are not often around, unless you count the impersonators.

Number 1. Niagara Falls. The water certainly moves at a mighty pace, but unfortunately, the lines for a number of the experiences and features do not. Every summer, the Falls attract about 12 million tourists, and the competition for good viewing space can get intense.

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