Neglected horses locked up for 15 years were found 'wallowing in manure' with 3-foot-long hooves

Neglected Horses Taken to Howard County to Recover

After three houses were discovered in a squalid Maryland stable on Friday, two were rescued but the third had to be euthanized. When the horses were found, they were wallowing in manure piled four feet high.

In addition, two of the horses had three-foot-long hooves. Their hooves had curled in on themselves so that the horses could barely walk. Vets had to sedate the animals in order to cut off the hooves.

Days End Farm Horse Rescue charity, where the surviving horses are being taken care of, has cared for more than 3,000 horses in 26 years. They said that this is the worst case of hoof neglect they've seen in all that time.

It is believed that the three horses were locked up in the stable for at least 15 years. They did not have necessary farrier or medical care.

Days End Farm Horse Rescue said that both surviving stallions, a full-sized and a miniature, "were removed from a stall piled high" with four feet of manure.

The miniature mare had to be euthanized due to "ruptured ligaments causing irreparable fetlock dislocation."

It is currently unclear who is responsible for the neglect of these horses.

Watch this video to see how one woman saves neglected horses:

Woman's Life-Saving Mission Saves Neglected Horses from Harm

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