Must watch: 8-year-old reacts to her brand new 3-D printed arm

Man Uses 3D Printer To Turn Kids Into Superheroes With Prosthetic Hands

The team of volunteers behind e-NABLE is giving second chances to those without limbs. Using the technology of 3D printing, e-NABLE is able to print out 3-D parts to actually construct limbs.

E-NABLE is an organization of engineers, medical professionals and philanthropists that are using their talents and technology to build limbs for people in need -- completely for free.

8-year-old Isabella, from Bristol, U.K., was delivered her very own "helper hand" from e-NABLE volunteer, Steven Davies. Davies, not only a volunteer, but also a recipient and tester of e-NABLE devices himself, traveled 200 miles to deliver a "helping hand" to Isabella.

Watch Isabella's heartwarming reaction to receiving her new limb here:

6-year-old Alex is another child gifted a "helping hand." Watch here for another heartwarming tale:

Six-Year-Old Gets Prosthetic Arm From 3D Printer

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